Wireless Assessment

Get the maximum possible bandwidth available from your internet.

The Wireless Network Assessment offering is comprised of two different types of assessment. The first type is an active on-site survey. The second type is an off-site survey.

These surveys are done to paint a clear picture of how a signal is affected by real objects and the real layout of your building. The quality of a building’s coverage depends on many factors such as wall construction materials, the number of users in an area, and what their demands on the network will be.

Services We Can Provide

For anything related to Wi-Fi and Networking.

Wi-Fi Assessment

You don't always need to upgrade your current wireless hardware for the best coverage and high-quality bandwidth, sometimes a wireless assessment can reveal an obvious solution.

FTTP Connection

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) involves laying fibre optic cables directly from the broadband exchange right into your home. It can offer speeds of up to 1,000Mb (megabits per second) – around 30 times faster than standard fibre.

Wi-Fi Point to Point Links

We provide a very effective and affordable method of extending your network from one location to another location. A WiFi point-to-point link will provide a totally transparent link between your two chosen points.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Outdoor Wi-Fi has become increasingly necessary for many people that need an internet connection outdoors whether it's for leisure or work, if you require outdoor Wi-Fi then look no further.

Networking, done properly.

We specialise in all things networking.

With the introduction of High Speed Fibre optic Broadband and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) now in homes and businesses, you find you need to share your fast access with different computers or networking devices.

We can install systems that cater for all devices including computers, media devices, smart TVs, Sky Q, gaming consoles and anything else that requires an internet connection.

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